The Blue Light Ray

Blue light is a particular electromagnetic radiation of the visible spectrum, with a short wavelength, including between 430 nanometers and 475 nanometers.
30% of people use digital devices for about 6 hours a day, around 14% for 10 hours.

Most light sources emit blue light, including smartphones, Tablets, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, LCD and LEDs, found in ambient lighting systems and digital devices such as monitors PC, TV monitor.

blue ray cut shinoox glasses

Blue light damage

The scientific research has highlighted a relationship of the effects of blue light on the eye. Studies show induction of an oxidative stress of corneal epithelial cells when irradiated by blue light.

The consequence of this consists of the alteration of the ocular surface, responsible for symptoms such as dry eyes, heaviness, itching and burning) already present in subjects exposed to the use of video terminals for more than 6/8 hours a day using lenses of poor optical quality and without protective filters (the so-called video terminal stress syndrome).

A possible interference with retinal metabolism after radiation exposure was also highlighted. Furthermore, other studies have hypothesized an interference on the sleep cycle in subjects exposed to blue light.

How to protect us from blue light

It is advisable to use high quality lenses, which have a filter with the ability to "shield" the eye from blue radiation

Ultra Slim

Ultra Light

Ultra Flex

Shinoox® reading glasses are now available with the latest generation of Digilenses® lenses that they incorporate, a photopigment which, when radiated by light, is activated by creating a protective screen that only blocks blue radiation, preventing it from interacting with the eye structures.

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