Glasses Cleaners

Shinoox® cleaners are specially designed to perfectly clean your eyeglass lenses. The most advanced technology for optimum viewing. Just gently pass the cloth on the lenses for a few seconds and the game is done!

Cleansing your eyeglass lens is very important, as it may harm the correct vision. A dirty lens tails the sight and can damage the eye. All lenses and eyewear manufacturers recommend constant cleaning with appropriate products that will provide an effective result.

It often happens to clean the lenses with unapplied things like the flap of a t-shirt or a paper handkerchief. However not everyone knows that these products cause micro scratches on the lenses, ruining them, and shortening the life span.

Shinoox® cleaners are the result of advanced technology research of micro textile, specially designed to ensure perfect lens and frame cleaning. Shinoox® cleaners have a special surface treatment that perfectly removes fingerprints, dust, water and so on. In a moment and without leaving residues or aloes.